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Paired pendants "Mars&Venus» FOR LOVERS. A pair is not just a cell of society, it is a mystical, spiritual element of nature, which acts according to all the laws of physics: like a proton and an electron. A man, being an organism having a dominant to act in the material world, is connected with the earth, and the vector of his energy, by nature, is directed towards the development of the surrounding world. A woman, being an organism having a micro universe in its body, creating a new life, is directly connected with the secret of creation, creativity. About this mystery of nature are our pendants, about the history of the two who have decided to be together forever. OPAL A stone of protection, Opal is a marvelous shield to keep from absorbing other people’s negative thoughts and energies. Just as it uses interference and diffraction to produce its colors, it can also run interference around challenging people or situations that affect your mood or hurt your feelings. Opals are wonderful occupational crystals, encouraging humanitarian love and service, lightness, spontaneity and dynamic creativity. MATERIAL Women's pendant makes with two stones on the face side and Heart Chakra on the back side. . Men's pendant makes with one stone on the face side and Root Chakra on the back side. Metal: Sterling silver 925 Size Pendants: 32 x 14mm Stones: Australian Doublet Opal (diameter 4mm) If you want this pendants with another stones, please, contact me. The Pendant will go with black faux leather cord and silver clasp, so you could wear pendant straight away. Length of cord 50-60 cm (24 inch), but you can easily change it by yourself. SHIPPING We need 14 days for creating and 10-12 days for delivery (FREE WORLDWIDE). Jewelry are wrapped in a box ready for gift giving. For any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you!
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